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PhD Project in Energy Storage

WSSET PCM Products Award – Best PhD Student Project in Energy Storage

The successful candidates for this Award will receive prize money of £500 and an Award Certificate and will be invited to participate in the SET 2022 conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The Awards will be advertised widely via WSSET website/Newsletter, SET 2022 conference and other social media channels.

This competition is open to all PhD students who are members of WSSET. The Award recognises the research innovation in thermal energy storage systems. There is £500 cash award to the top entry in any of the following topics on thermal energy storage systems including:

  1. Phase change material storage
  2. Thermochemical energy storage
  3. Sensible heat storage, seasonal/long terms storage
  4. Integrated energy storage, solar/renewable energy storage
  5. Hybrid energy storage
  6. Ice storage and passive cooling storage
  7. Energy storage for building applications (homes, commercial and industrial)

Please click here to download an entry form 2022 – deadline for submissions: 1st July 2022. The winner will be announced at SET2022 in Turkey.