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Industry Partnerships

WSSET Industry Partnerships is a new initiative working with companies to promote their businesses and to assist with the development of innovative products and services.

WSSET would assist industry partners in various ways including:

  • Promoting industry partner activities/products via WSSET website, newsletters, SET conferences, etc
  • Establishing links with WSSET members to carry out joint research and development projects
  • Networking with other WSSET Industry partners for new business opportunities
  • Entering into IP/license agreements for new technologies developed by WSSET members
  • Making grant applications to various funding bodies (EU, Innovate UK, Research Councils, etc)
  • Finding suitable WSSET university members to assist industry partner to carry out feasibility studies, testing/modelling work, review reports, etc via consultancy routes or by providing small sponsorships to PhD students
  • Recruiting WSSET graduate members to join the industry partner
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To express an interest, please contact us.